We are sorry to hear that you have lost your dog and we understand you will be very emotional and worried for your loved pet.  Please read this page very carefully as it provides vital information in what to do in this unfortunate circumstance.

Dog Warden

1. Inform The Local Dog Warden & Police.

Make sure you call the Local Dog Warden and Police.  You can contact the Dog Warden on: 0303 333 3000 and the Police by calling 101. Provide them with all the information surrounding the incident.

Inform Microchip Company2. Inform Your Dogs Microchip Company

It’s important to your dogs microchip company about your dog being missing. Also whilst on this call make sure the details held by the company are up to date as this will make it easier to return your dog should it be found.

Missing Dog Report Form3. Fill Out Our Report Dog Missing Form

Upload photos (please provide high quality images), and fill out the form with as much information as possible on what occurred and where it occurred.  Make sure to include a contact number where people can get in touch should they locate your lost dog.

Now You’ve Raised The Alarm The Next Steps Are:


Setup a Safe Area At Home and/or Area Your Dog Went Missing

– Leave Smelly Food and Water
– Leave Out Worn Clothing  – The Scent Will Help Your Dog Return
– Always Come Back and Check the Area Your Dog Went Missing – Especially At Mornings

Other Things To Think About:


Large-Scale Search Parties Are Often Not Helpful at This Stage as They Can Scare a Dog Further into Hiding. The Only Times You Should Consider Doing This Are In The Following Circumstances:

  • There’s a Real Risk Your Dog Could be Stuck (Perhaps Their Lead or Harness is Sill Attached)
  • They Are in an Area Where They Could be Stuck or Injured

Think Carefully Before Asking for a Large Group of People to Help Search. If People do Arrive to Help, Ask Them To:

  • Search Quietly – Silent Searching is Crucial to Not Scare Your Dog
  • If Anyone Else Sees Your Dog They Should Sit Down, Avoid Eye Contact and Call You Immediately – NEVER CHASE a Lost Dog

Lee Herron from Lost Dogs Dumfries and Galloway will try and make contact with you on the number you provided in your lost dog report, however if you need to contact Lee prior to this then please call: 07841 340752

(if you don’t get an answer, please leave a message, and Lee will return your call)